Security Services Offered

At SOS, we recognize that different jobs require different services. We work with our clients to make sure their security needs are met. We offer security services for a variety of clients, including:

Construction sites and other open air sites are all too frequently subject to vandalism, external theft, internal theft and major property damage. Night hours, weekends and holidays become the most volatile times for these kinds of activities. A uniformed security officer in place can cut losses substantially. SOS also has experienced firewalkers for new construction and remodeling projects.

Need to reduce insurance premiums? Placement of an officer in a plant can do this for you. With established checkpoints, one officer can cover an entire property. Clocked rounds are also a deterrent to theft, fire and other catastrophes.

Students, faculty and staff all feel at ease with the presence of a uniformed officer. The officer is a deterrent to unwanted visitors and available to assist faculty and staff with unruly individuals. Officers can also monitor access to entrances during school hours and do routine patrol of exterior and parking areas.

Perhaps no industry can benefit from uniformed security as much as the financial industry. Since customer service is of utmost importance, the polite greeting of a uniformed officer can mean the difference of a customer returning. A uniformed officer patrolling the outside and interior of a bank gives the customer and employees a sense of reassurance and safety. An officer is also on hand as an escort for the elderly or business clients with daily deposits. The presence of a uniformed officer will cut down on incidents, unruly customers and prevent robberies.

A great choice for trade shows, tent sales, festivals and other events. Officers are in place to authorize entrance, guard merchandise after hours and monitor crowds during hours.

Overnight security is a must for hotels in any populated area. Security officer’s responsibilities include checking for vagrants, enforcement of hours for swimming pools and bars, following up on noise complaints, and routine patrols of exterior and parking areas. A security presence can also provide a feeling of comfort for guests and employees alike.

Security officers can provide a diverse variety of services . Residents of retirement communities appreciate the visibility of an officer in uniform. Officers can be utilized for escort, reception duties, routine patrol of parking areas and first response for room alarms among other things. Employees of medical facilities can arrive for work comfortably at all hours with a security officer at the entrance . Officers are also available to restrain disorderly individuals.