About Us

  • Diana Kuhrt
    Diana has been managing security companies for over 25 years. Diana holds a Bachelor of Science degree in business from the University of Wisconsin-Platteville. Shortly after graduation Diana moved to the Milwaukee area where she became the HR person for a security company. In 2000, Diana started Security Officer Services, Inc. (SOS). Diana's expertise has always been in the recruiting, hiring, scheduling, training and development areas of managing a professional security force. Diana has a keen ability and knowledge to match customer sites with security officers who are best suited to the specific environment. Diana has learned that different sites require different personalities, and appreciates diversity in each individual. At SOS, Diana oversees the daily operations of the business. This includes the interviewing, selection and orientation of all new employees. Her responsibilities go on to training, scheduling and matching clients with security staff. There is follow up with customers, employee evaluations, supervisory staff and dispatchers. This is all in addition to the accounting and technical duties of running a company.
  • Troy Jankowski
    Director of Operations
    Troy brings decades of successful experience in law enforcement, government, security, and investigations. Troy has a Bachelor of Science degree in Criminal Justice from UW Milwaukee and a Master’s degree in Criminal Justice Leadership from Marion University. He is retired from the Milwaukee Police Department where he spent his last 20 plus years in investigations as a detective and as a lieutenant where he investigated and managed high profile investigations. His expertise lies in complex investigations, critical thinking, de-escalation, employee training, site risk assessments, and supporting business continuity while leading high impact teams through strategic and innovative operations. He works closely with site managers and assures that communication and expectations are met and exceeded for our clients. Troy is a certified Firearms Certifier with Wisconsin Department of Safety and Professional Services. Troy is also certified instructor for Civilian Response to Active Shooter Events (CRASE) through Texas State University.
  • Cindy Harvie
    Human Resources Manager
    Along with being the Human Resources Manager, Cindy also runs the office. Her responsibilities include payroll, attendance, unemployment compensation, workers comp, invoicing, special events, new hire reporting and applicant screening. She also distributes uniforms, job descriptions and paychecks, so she is everybody's friend. Cindy has been in the H.R. field for over 6 years, holding a business degree from UW-Milwaukee. The key to her success is communication and efficiency.